Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Starting our Adventure in Kinsale, Ireland

Kinsale, Ireland
It took over 24 hours to get to Kinsale, Ireland. First, we took the train to the Salt Lake airport, flew to Chicago, flew to London (it went so fast), then flew on to Dublin. We rented a car (steering wheel on the right side of the car, thank goodness Eric's driving) and drove three hours to Kinsale—a pretty coastal village near Cork.

Our lovely view from the living room
We stayed in an apartment with a lovely view of the bay right outside our living room window. We could watch the sailboats pass by.

 Bianca and Portia shared a room with twin beds. The bedrooms and bathroom are on the main floor. The living room, kitchen and laundry room (first time I've ever seen a dedicated laundry room in Europe) are on the top floor. We found some playing cards and the girls and I played lots of Kings in the Corner, sitting at the table and looking out at the water.

Our little living room

Portia and Bianca's room
We ate at the pub just a short walk from our house for dinner. It's called Bulman. They have different meals each night and everyone waits around until they displayed that night's dinner options on a chalk board. It stayed light out until well after 10pm. I wish I had gotten what Eric did, my Thai chicken wasn't nearly as interesting as Eric's lobster risotto. We got back and fell into our beds. We were so exhausted!

Bulman, a pub right near our apartment—that's Portia by the door

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Susannah Harper said...

Wow, 24 hours to get there! I bet you were exhausted. The apartment looks cozy, especially with the view of the water. How fun!