Friday, May 29, 2015

Italy Day Two—Rome

Today we slept in a bit, then ate frutta (strawberries, raspberries and cherries from the grocery right below us) and pastries from the nearby bakery.

We rode the underground to the Trevi fountain (it happened to be under construction, which was disappointing). There was no water in it so it didn't seem as wonderful as it could have been. Well, still it was pretty magnificent. And just walking the streets of Rome feels awesome. So many old buildings around us. But a few too many people for my preference. I wish I could just have the city to myself, then I wouldn't mind big cities quite so much.

Then we walked several blocks and sat on the (very crowded) Spanish steps. It was hot—in the 90s—so the girls didn't LOVE sitting there too long.

We stopped at a small pizza place for lunch. Finally, I had a sausage pizza. Here we are waiting for our pizzas. They had this cute back room that was just big enough for the five of us. We also did a teeny bit of shopping in Rome. I got a cute layered sweater dress.

After lunch, we headed over to the Vatican (near where we're staying). We went through the Vatican museum and then into the Sistine Chapel (where we couldn't take pictures). Still, beautiful ceilings were throughout the whole thing. (Our necks were hurting after a while!)

We found the bust of Tiberius, Emporer of Rome, who is a direct descendent of mine of my father's side. We had to seek him out so it was sooooo cool to find him in there.

We stopped for gelato on our walk back to our flat. I had the most amazing pistachio (with chocolate, of course). This is actually Bianca's gelato; I love how there's a crack in the cone (seems old, which is kind of a metaphor for all the old, ancient stuff we're seeing in Rome).

We went back to the apartment and took a nap—and Bianca practiced (she's getting ready for summer string program in Indiana), we got back on the underground and went for hot chocolate. Supposedly, it's the "best hot cocoa in Rome" at Cafe Pompi. It was super dark and really, really good. We also had biscotti (cookies) to go with it. It was a fun, late-night adventure!

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