Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Australia: Day One

 Quigleys went "Down Under!" We left on a Monday for Sydney, Australia, skipped Tuesday—somehow during our flight—and spent our Wednesday wandering around the Royal Botanical Gardens, near the Sydney Opera House. We walked around a lot and looked at all the trees, flowers and gardens. One of the first thing we noticed upon stepping into Australia was the loud squawking of the Cockatoos that are all over the place. They're loud, but exotic and very cool. 

We stopped by the New South Wales Public Library nearby because it was beautiful. Then we ate at an outdoor bistro called Piccolo Me for lunch. Portia had a sausage roll and Eric a meat pie and I had a chicken avocado sandwich with some mint hot chocolate. Did I mention Bianca is still at Meadowmount until mid-August and couldn't come on this trip with us. In my defense, I gave her the option for us to go before she left and she acted like she didn't really care. So Portia's an only child for this trip.

We rented a small car (they drive on the left side of the street again so thankfully, Eric is doing all the driving) and drove to the house where we're staying the entire trip at Balgowlah Heights, near Manly Beach. We have a beautiful view of the bay from the huge windows of our 2 bedroom/2 bathroom place. 

And nope, I didn't see one spider inside the house—people kept warning me about the huge spiders that were crawling all over Australia!) Our place is very comfortable. I took a nap and had a difficult time waking up when Eric and Portia were hungry for dinner. We drove all over looking for a quick place to eat but it was more difficult than you'd expect. All I wanted was McDonald's fries and it closed at 6pm!!! Instead we found some Chinese restaurant and brought back some takeaway. Meh! Australia seems a lot like the US. Same types of foods and the streets are big and wide. 

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