Friday, July 1, 2016

Visiting Home: July 2016

Since Bianca was gone nearly the entire summer, Portia and I went on a trip with Susannah and her kids to St. Louis. They picked us up on the way and we took turns driving all the way to Columbia, Illinois.

We did tons of fun stuff, like eat at Imo's:

visit Grant's Farm:

go to the zoo:

and visit the Magic House:

One day, Portia decided to try to make a bit of change by playing her cello outside the Painted Lady before a summer outdoor concert at the park nearby. She did make a dollar and some change with the help of her cousins.

Yes, that's the girls on the street in front of The Painted Lady
Portia even was teaching Ella cello lessons every day:

Because we were there over the Fourth of July, we got to celebrate with our extended family as well.

Pretty much, we went there to be together and spend time together as a family.

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