Thursday, July 28, 2016

Australia: Day Two

Today we didn't have a ton planned because we wanted to give ourselves a chance to sleep in because of the jet lag. Weird thing is that it's the kind of jet lag that made me wake up earlier than I normally should. I just read until the Eric and Portia woke up.

We decided to walk the scenic pathway from Bawgolhah Heights to Manly Beach. It was a lovely, wooded walk that stayed close to the bay. The views were gorgeous and Portia was playing Pokemon Go on the way to find the cool Australian Pokemon. And wanted to stop everytime we could get pretty close to the water. But it's nice when you don't really have a schedule or a plan for the day because you can wander wherever you want and do whatever you want to do.

We went to the Manly Aquarium. Our favorite was the shark tunnel, which had some huge sharks in it, some sea turtles and stingrays. It wasn't a very big aquarium so we spent the morning there only.

Next, we went to a gourmet fish & chips place, called Fish Mongers. Portia didn't want fish so she had McDonald's. I had the shrimp. This guy's a beast! I'd already eaten all my delicious chips!

Portia wanted to get over to the waves (it's just not the same on the bay side) so we spent the next hour or so letting her play in the waves. It is winter there, so it's pretty chilly (not exactly swimsuit weather) but she enjoyed getting her feet and legs in the water.  We walked back the scenic walkway to our place.

Tonight, we drove to Sydney to see the Sydney Symphony at the Sydney Opera House! Eric was really excited because the symphony played the live music of Raiders of the Lost Ark while the movie played on a big screen.

It was a really cool experience. I started getting pretty tired though and with the lights turned low, it was hard to stay awake. I may have nodded off a time or two.

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