Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Frogs v. Toads

I had a great December having Bianca out of school. Sometimes (especially during this particular break) I love having year-round school. On one snowy morning, Bianca and Portia came up with a game using a piece of cardboard they found lying around the house--probably a remnant from some Christmas packaging. Bianca spent a morning coloring and putting it all together. She used the old frogs and toads I used to collect when I was a kid and still have sitting around the girl's bathroom, which is themed a frog pond. I thought it was fun game. It's a little bit chess, checkers (the frogs and toads can hop over each other and take them out), and a little bit original--especially the boogie square, which allows for some dancing and an extra roll of the dice (that Bianca made herself). We played Frogs v. Toads a lot this break. Bianca also plays it with turtles against the frogs/toads.

Bianca's accumulating quite a collection of turtles (the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, I suppose). I just hope she has kids that are as creative as mine and will be able to put her little-used collection to use when she's a mom.

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! That's cute. I think it's funny that when you collect something, random people start bringing you things. That's probably the only reason I wished I like something enough to collect it.