Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Portia's Spanish Preschool

Two weeks ago, Portia's spanish preschool teacher (Maestra) told us that her full-time job was changing and she wasn't going to be able to do the preschool any longer. In fact, because of the loss of the preschool income, she was renting out her house and moving to an apartment. I'm really sad. She's a good friend of mine and Portia adores her little girl Elinor who is less than a week younger than she is. And Portia liked learning Spanish. She knew a lot of animals, all the colors, could count to ten, and could even say some conversational Spanish--not to mention all the Spanish songs she could sing. This gives me more time with Portia at home but it also gives me a little less time to myself and to spend writing. I know Portia will really miss her Spanish preschool and I'll miss hearing her singing her Spanish songs around the house--but I'm glad I had a backup preschool.


Crystal said...

Her dancing was the best part! I'm sorry about the preschool.

rachel said...

I'm sorry about the preschool too and that your friend moved away. :( Ok, Portia steals the show!! That is awesome.