Wednesday, November 16, 2011

College Reunion

Eric and I were the Monica and Chandler (Friends) of our BYU apartment complex. In fact, when I was in college at BYU, living in an apartment directly above a guy apartment filled with our best friends, "Friends" was one of our favorite TV shows. Eric and I weren't obsessed in love like Ross with Rachel, but Eric and I fell in love surprisingly (surprising ourselves really) and slowly as friends do, like Monica and Chandler. But before any of that, we were all one big group of friends first.

It surprises me now that Eric and his group of friends get together in a college-reunion weekend once or twice a year (although it usually involves only the guys and some white-water rafting), while my college roommates don't see much of each other. I see my roommate Tammy when I'm in California visiting my sister, and my roommate Celeste actually lives in Herriman nearby--we get together every couple months and do something fun with our kids. But that's it. The girls group has never had a reunion.

This weekend, two of Eric's college roommates drove down from Idaho with a couple medium-aged kids for one of their weekend reunions (the other roommate lives in Herriman too). I kind of stayed on the wayside (after all, this is the guy reunion) but I know them all and my kids had an absolute blast with their kids.

The kids started out the day playing Rock Band.

They went to see Puss in Boots at the movie theatre and then stopped by the Disney "Up" house in Herriman on their way back.

They headed down to BYU campus to walk around, go to the bookstore and BYU Creamery, and to see this awesome book sculpture at the Museum of Art. Yes, that sculpture is made out of over 80,000 pounds of books. Since I stayed home with Portia, I wasn't there for this. I've got to see this one first-hand soon. Good thing I live here.

They capped off their day at the BYU v. Idaho football game.

They had a really fun weekend. I swear, if I were more organized and had more energy, I would try to arrange a girls college reunion. Maybe someday. . .

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