Friday, November 18, 2011

My Purr-fect Cat--well, almost

I'm a self-proclaimed cat person. Seriously, if I weren't married, I'd have an apartment filled with them. I love cats. I always have since I was a kid. And then I had a string of them --Ayla, Meow Meow, Veronica, there were more. We lived close to the highway and our cats were always the adventurous type, which required a lot of replacing. Sad, really.

Anyway, Jillyboo has not disappointed. I made a discovery over the last couple of months that confirms what an awesome cat she is. So, as many of you know, I've struggled trying to get our dog Tigger to go to the bathroom outside. If I don't make him go outside, he won't. So I have to keep him jailed in his kennel, make sure he goes in order to give him any freedom at all. And even though, he usually sidles off when I'm least suspecting it and goes somewhere in the house. Amidst all this, my smart cat decided she prefers using the outdoor potty to her litter box. I went to change the litter box, which is the one thing I hate about having a cat, and there was nothing there. Seriously, for two months now. At first when she'd stand by the door wanting to go outside and I'd let her, only to see her wanting to come back in a couple minutes later, I thought she was just being indecisive. No, my cat's showing Tigger up. I seriously adore this cat.

Portia thinks Jillyboo gets her vibrant blue eyes from my side of the family. And although she is beautiful--even prettier than a full-blood Siamese--and I don't have to change a litter box anymore, I admit she's not completely perfect. She has a mean streak, as is obvious by the claw marks we all have on our arms from moments when we least suspect she's feeling vicious. Seriously, we can just be petting her, she's purring, and then she'll attack. We've learned to warn each other when she's a "porcupine." And I don't even want to think about her favorite place to scratch (my cool green couch in the front room that now needs to be re-upholstered). But still, none of us can walk by her without touching her. She is the softest cat I've ever seen. And I've known a lot of cats.

It's probably better that I have kids rather than an apartment full of cats. Just think of the full litter boxes. No, I'd rather not.


Erin said...

You have a beautiful cat. Even though my own cat experiment failed, I have to agree. I like cats more than dogs.

rachel said...

You're the coolest cat lady I know!