Monday, November 7, 2011

Witches Brew 2011

So I may have been even more excited about Portia's preschool (Kinderprep Academy) Witches Brew than she was this year. It's not your typical Halloween party. It's a no-costume, 5-course etiquette luncheon. Her teacher goes all out and when I dropped Portia off that morning (after giving her a bath and dressing her in a fancy dress), you could feel the magic in the room.

They did a craft--witches legs filled with candy corns, complete with little witch boots, wrap skirt and belt. Portia decided she wanted to keep it as a decoration for next year instead of eating the candy corns.

Portia was escorted to her seat at the table by a gentleman. This time, it was Hudson. Because there are fewer boys in the class, those poor little gentlemen stay busy.

Since they're the morning class, the meal included breakfast-type foods--lots of fruit, yogurts, eggs and bacon.

But don't worry, there was candy as well.

The program included the act of McBeth with the three witches. Yes, that's my theory too: Kids are never too young to learn to appreciate Shakespeare.

The photographer came to take pictures of the class (there were over 600 photos on the disc).

Here's Portia with Miss Melissa:

This is one of Portia's newest best friends, Naomi. Portia tells me they love to play kittens together.

After all the fun, here are the kids getting ready to head home, their arms full of their goodies.

Just looking at the pictures brings some Halloween magic back. I'll leave you with some. . .


Erin said...

Looks like fun. Jeana, that one picture of Portia looks exactly like you!

Susannah Harper said...

Portia looks gorgeous! How very posh that school appears to be! I can't imagine such detailed and amazing decorations for preschoolers!anna says i luv u!