Saturday, July 5, 2014

France Day Two, Arras and Wissant

Our house in Caumont. . . 

We started our day in Arras, the closest city to where we're staying. We went to church in Arras. They were having stake conference so we only stayed for sacrament meeting. We spoke with some people afterwards and they invited us to stay for a potluck afterwards. The quiche was amazing and there was a lot of couscous there. One of the sister missionaries was from Highland, Utah—if you can believe that! Portia made a little friend who spoke English and they were instant friends.

This part of the northern French countryside is dotted with little war cemeteries. We stopped at a couple.  

An English WWI cemetery
Then we went to an Abbey (L'Abbay du Mont-Saint-Eloi) that was bombed in WWI when it was being used as a French observatory. It looked so unusual from the road we just had to see what it was.

The Abbey of Mont-Saint-Eloi

Abbey Mont-Saint-Eloi

The cemetery by the Abbey, which also had war burials
There were these teeny little buildings in the oddest places as we drove around. I'm still not sure what they are, little shrines or something?

Here was a WWII cemetery:

After the sadness of visiting all those war cemeteries, we headed to Wissant to the French coast to see the ocean. The cool thing is that we could even see the white cliffs of Dover from France (or we're pretty sure that's exactly what we saw). It was a quaint little town.

Statue in Wissant

We played on the beach for a while and waited too long to eat. Unfortunately, dinner in France doesn't really started until about 8pm. We were starving and made a pretty poor choice for dinner. We just wanted somewhere that would feed us right away. It was so boring I don't even remember what we eat . . . a wasted eating opportunity in France. 

Doors of the Day (from our house in Caumont)

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