Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Last Day of Ireland, Kinsale and Blarney Castle

Sadly, today was our last day in Ireland and it pretty much rained the entire day. We decided to spend the morning in Kinsale.

First, we put on our raincoats and went to Desmond Castle, which was also used as a jail and is now as a museum of wine.

 They had a little checklist the kids could fill out to make sure they got to see everything there.

We went to a couple bookstores in Kinsale and finally found The Diary of Anne Franke, which I'd been looking for the whole week. The girls each got a book too.

We also wandered into an old cemetery.

Next, we headed over to have Afternoon Tea. It was nice to come out of the rain for a while. We read while we waited for our food.

Reading our books (and look how pretty my hot cocoa was)
Portia and Bianca's "Afternoon Tea"
Bianca pouring Portia's tea for her
Our plates were garnished with real flowers!
This is where we had tea
I'll miss this cute little town!

Kinsale, from under my umbrella
In the afternoon, we drove over to the Blarney Castle. Yes, it was still raining but we didn't want to miss our chance to kiss the Blarney Stone (which supposedly will give you the gift of eloquence)! We climbed a ton of stairs again.

Climbing lots of stairs again!

Up at the top of the castle was open (so we got rained on some more)

Bianca kissing the Blarney Stone

You can see how thick the castle walls are 
When we got back to Kinsale to pack, Portia wanted to say goodbye to the sea in Kinsale so the two of us went down there one last time.

Doors of the Day

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Susannah Harper said...

The hot cocoa looks divine, as does the afternoon tea treats. Yum! Ethan is reading the Diary of Anne Frank right now for his summer reading list from school.