Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer camps—BYU and U of U in the same week?!?

Bianca did a week-long chamber group program at the University of Utah in June. Because she's our babysitter and would be gone that week, I also put Portia in a BYU gymnastics camp. I thought that would make things easier but when you're running one kid to SLC and another to Provo, it can be pretty crazy.

Bianca was put into a chamber group with some other string players from around the area. She LOVED her group. She said they were all so nice and she always had someone to talk to and sit by at lunch. This was her cute group.

Because I'd had to put Portia in two sessions of the gymnastics camp (the morning and the afternoon), that meant I had to drive to Provo every day to have lunch with Portia. It was fun but the driving was just too much. I always felt like I was scrambling somewhere and unfortunately even got a ticket one day. Still, I did enjoy my lunches with Portia. One day, Portia's friend Ashley came to lunch with us. These girls are silly, but have so much fun together. Here they are at Wendy's telling jokes.

And the answer to the joke is "a stick." I couldn't stop laughing—these two are so funny!

At the end of the week, Bianca's chamber group gave a performance. They learned this piece in a week. Bianca had been working on a different piece for months before and we found out their pianist was hurt just days before the camp started and had to learn a new piece. I love how professional these kids sound. It's really amazing!

After this week was over, the kids were finally able to get catching up on their sleep.

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