Saturday, July 26, 2014

Shakespeare Festival 2014

Bianca and I took our much-needed time away for our annual trip to Cedar City for the Shakespeare Festival. Twelve has been a hard age for our mom-daughter relationship and communication has been pretty much non-existent between us. So this was time we spent together just the two of us and it was really healing.

It's become somewhat of a tradition for us to stop at Subway on our way down and then we checked in to The Big Yellow Inn. We stayed in the same room we had before so that Bianca had her own room.

Then we went over for our first play, the matinee of The Comedy of Errors. I have to say this may be the funniest play I've ever seen. We were both rolling and laughing. And wow, it felt so good to laugh that hard. I love laughing!

We did a little school shopping for some basics, makeup and some clothes, and then had dinner at this Italian pizzeria called Centro for my very favorite pizza, The Bianca. It's wasn't quite as good as it was in Italy (the blue cheese was missing), but still very good!

Bianca and I went to see The Twelfth Night in the evening. So of course we went to The Green Show and Bianca got a bracelet for her souvenir. Bianca understood Twelfth Night better than I did because she had studied it in 7th grade English. I liked it though.

We went back to our B&B, did face masks and nails, and then went to sleep. In the morning, we were going to try out the lectures but it was raining. So we just ate breakfast and headed home.

Because we didn't get to see Measure for Measure as it wasn't playing on Saturday, we stopped back through on our way home from Lake Powell two weeks later. They're doing this thing at the Cedar City Shakespearean Festival where they're doing every single one of the plays in 13 years so I worried if we didn't watch it this summer, it would be quite some time before we got the chance to again. Even though I started taking Bianca when she was seven, I don't think Portia's ready for Shakespeare yet (although we did start reading "her" play, Merchant of Venice this summer). Instead, Portia and Eric saw a movie, but at least Portia got to attend her very first Green Show!

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