Monday, July 14, 2014

The Netherlands Day Two, Amsterdam

We decide to take public transportation to spend the day in Amsterdam. First, we had a short bus trip and then got on the train. We started really early and walked a ton! We tried to go to the Anne Frank House first, but the line was sooo long we just kept wandering along—just walking through the city and exploring the streets. We went to the Rijks Museum first. We saw some  Vermeers, Rembrandts and Van Goghs. I liked the museum, but it was a little too crowded for my tastes.

Eric, Bianca and Portia in front of the Rijks Museum

In front of the Rijks Museum

In the Rijks Museum

Yes, it's a four-story library

Portia in front of a Van Gogh
We decided to find a place to each lunch—we were walking around for a while and we stumbled upon The Pantry.  I'm so glad we did! It was the perfect traditional Dutch food we were looking for. I had the fried goat cheese, a cauliflower pie with potatoes and cheese and mini pancakes for dessert. It was really amazing! Best dinner in The Netherlands for sure.

Traditional Dutch Food at The Pantry in Amsterdam
We went back to the Anne Frank House after lunch; Eric and Portia waited in line (free wi-fi while you wait) while Bianca and I did a bit of shopping. We aw a vintage dress shop but I didn't buy anything because we had less time than we realized. Bianca and I had both read The Diary of Anne Frank while we were in France and it was so important that we went in. It was a sad, sobering place but it was cool to see the place where it all happened. I tried not to tear up but seeing Anne's postcards on the wall made it so real. We didn't realize until we were signing the guest book that it was Anne's birthday! It made it really sweet to have gone.

In front of the street where Anne Frank lived
Next we rented a paddleboat and went all around the canals. That was a serious leg workout. We were pretty beat after that.

Paddle-boating in the canals of Amsterdam
The back seat of the paddleboat in Amsterdam
We tried to do a little more shopping but I'd had enough. We took the train, then the bus back to Noordwijk. Amsterdam really was picturesque and I'm so glad we made it there, even if it was just for a day. This was our last night in The Netherlands—It was sad it had to come to an end! I really loved it there.

Just a couple other pictures of beautiful Amsterdam . . .

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