Saturday, June 20, 2015

A month away (Bianca's off to Indiana for music camp)

We put Bianca on a plane to Indiana for a month for music camp at the Jacobs School of Music in Indiana. All of a sudden our house felt so empty. She didn't seem nervous at all about it, but I was. She's never had to take care of herself before and even had to do her own laundry in the dorms. She had a roommate (ironically named Gina, hahaha) and made a ton of friends.

I had a rule that she had to send me a picture a day (since she didn't hardly ever call). They were required to practice four hours a day, plus time spent in lessons, practicing with their chamber group, the viola choir, and attending concerts at night. Here are some of the photos she sent.

In the viola competition, she got second place (they all had to play the same pieces, which were the 3rd and 4th movements of the Telemann Viola Concerto. 

Here's the viola choir when they performed together.

And they had a recital for the pieces they learned while they were there. Here is Bianca playing the 2nd movement of the Handel Viola Concerto (wearing a borrowed dress as I hadn't realized I was supposed to send her with something fancy like the dress she wore here).

But wow, I know she was working hard (and playing hard too) and am so impressed with all she learned.

Until next summer...

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