Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Italy Day Six—Verona

Today is mom's birthday (the big 68)! We actually slept in today; see, Verona meant a change in pace. Thankfully.

After finally getting out the door, we went to Juliet's house (just right around the corner from where we're staying). We saw all the letters waiting on the wall and touched the Juliet statue. Supposedly (as the legend goes) if you touch her breast (can you tell by where the statue is rubbed), it's supposed to mean you'll have luck in your love life. Not sure I need that, but it was fun to visit.

We got a Verona city pass so we could actually go into the house that was owned by a similar family (Dal Capello) of Verona that people say was the real Capulets.  There were computers where the girls were composing their letters to Juliet.

Next we went outside the city gates to where Juliet's tomb is.

We had a nice lunch at an outdoor restaurant at Nastro Azurro. I had ricotta cheese gnocchi in butter, truffles & poppyseeds. Everything here was really good--I loved this meal! My gelato today was mango & lemon.

We visited Castel Vecchio next. We wandered (it was also an art museum) and then Portia put her feet in the Adige River. It was another long day of walking. My feet are always stinging. But the bright side is we're getting a ton of exercise.

Doors of the Day:

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