Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lake Powell 2015

Yep, we were crazy. We got off our flight, drove home, dropped off our bags and picked up new pre-packed bags (I cut some of my peonies that were in full bloom and were drooping their heads onto the ground) and drove another four hours to Lake Powell. Thank goodness Eric is able to stay awake because the girls and I slept the whole time. The cat and dog were not impressed with this situation at all!

I put the vase of peonies on the nightstand of our room in the houseboat because they only bloom once a year and I adore them—and their scent—and I wasn't going to lose my last chance to enjoy them for the year. They were especially gorgeous this year and mostly dead when we returned.

We were still recovering from the time change and the jet lag so we napped a lot and relaxed (we really did have a vacation to recover from our vacation)!

Another great week at Powell. We played games, laid in the sun, played on the boats, jet skis, went paddleboarding (my favorite!), watched movies, slept in, didn't get dressed or wear makeup.

The kids made friends with the other kids on the boat and we ate well (of course, we had to cook our mandatory three meals for everyone) and had a blast! The girls had to practice their instruments, but that's a small price to pay.

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