Thursday, June 4, 2015

Italy Day Seven—Venice

Today we all got up early and walked to the train station to go to Venice. The train ride over was pleasant; we rode first-class and I read the whole hour and a half.

As usual, we started out just wandering around Venice. There are canals everywhere. It was hot and sunny all day. We did a little shopping, popping in to this shop or that, as we walked. We stopped for sandwiches (mine was shrimp & aragula). They blend up all the meat and add mayo, then put it on bread. It was just a little sandwich and light, like a mid-morning snack.

We found ourselves in front of a Vivaldi museum.

And walked around some more.

Then went to St. Mark's Cathedral. We had a gondola ride on the canals and into the grand canal. This was pretty much the highlight of our day.

We ate lunch at a restaurant in a restaurant in St. Mark's Square, kind of a fancy one called Cafe Quadri. I had the lasagna. The food was good but portions were small and it was expensive.

We wandered a little more after lunch, did more shopping.

We had more gelato. It was picturesque here. Like every picture could be a postcard!

The train ride back was a nightmare. All the trains to Verona were getting cancelled. We sat around in the hot train station (not air conditioned) and finally got on a longer, alternate route train. And that was not air-conditioned. Have I mentioned how hot it was here? Portia has a skin rash! She says her skin doesn't like Italy. I thought we'd never make it back to Verona. In fact, it feels like we walked 100 miles today. Definitely needed to go to bed. Good thing this apartment is super comfortable!

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