Monday, June 1, 2015

Italy Day Four—Naples and Pompeii

I felt like we spent more time on a train or in the train station than anything else. We got up early and got on a train to Naples. It was an old-fashioned, squeaky-brake train with the look-down-into-the-rocks toilet. It was super crowded so we had to split up. Thankfully, Portia and I were on the same train car, but the rest of us were split up. She colored and we made paper airplanes.

We stopped in Naples and wow, I loved the train station (this is all mosiac and the whole wall was incredible). We stopped mainly to eat Napoli pizza here. So we wandered the streets and had an early lunch at a pizzeria named "Antica Capri." I finally had a Pizza Bianca and it was as amazing as I remembered it being.

Eric ran to the palace in Naples. He wanted to find this distant relative of his who was a King of Naples, but it was closed off for construction. So we pretty much ate and left.

The Palace in Naples

Inside of the Palace in Naples

This whole wall of the train station in Naples is mosaic--Isn't it amazing?
We got on another train going to Pompeii (and we all got to sit together this time) and the train ride had a beautiful view of the sea for part of the way. At the train station in Pompeii, we finally found my coveted Mojito soda (we discovered it two years ago when we were in Italy). We got a little lost trying to find the ruins but finally made it. I don't know why I expected some ash or black on the ruins, but I didn't get anything like this. Pompeii wasn't really what I expected but it was something Bianca REALLY wanted to do.

We stopped for gelato on our way out of town. I had coconut and chocolate. We didn't get home until really late—around 11. We were all exhausted! Then we had to pack up as we're leaving first thing in the morning for the second part of our trip, Verona, which I hope will be a little slower pace.

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