Friday, June 5, 2015

Italy Day Eight—Verona Again

Today we decided to slow things down a bit and stick around Verona another day. We slept in and ventured out late in the morning. We did a little more shopping (tons of shops here in Verona and we're staying right in the middle of it!). We also went to the old area of Verona, where you can see the old, ancient original streets of Verona below.

We ate at a restaurant we'd been trying to get into for a while, called Al Pompiere. Eric thought it was the best meal of our entire trip. I had the local "beef cheek" and we all started off with the local meats and cheeses. Really, really good food!

We rested at the apartment for a bit after lunch, then mom and I took Portia to the Adige River (with Castelvecchio in the background) where it's shallow to let her kick around in the water some more. This time in her swimsuit. It was so hot outside and the water so cold, that I put my feet in and pretty much stayed in until Portia was done.
We met up with Eric and Bianca (who had gone shopping) afterward and stopped for gelato on the way back. I had chocolate mixed with cinnamon and ginger. Interesting.

We had to pack up our things tonight as we have to check out of the apartment in the morning. Mom, Bianca, Portia and I went on a short evening stroll back to the old Verona streets so mom could take some more photos. We spent the rest of the evening playing Kings on the Corner (our go-to vacation game), packing up and eating the macaroons mom bought. My favorite was the chocolate/coconut mix. BTW, did I mention the amazing chili pepper & chocolate macaroon I had in Venice? Um, so good. Also, I found my favorite soda they only carry in Mexico and Italy, Mojito Soda. Love!!!

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