Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Italy Day Five—Arriving in Verona

This morning, we got on a train headed to Verona and arrived around 11am. We took a taxi from the train station since we had all our bags, but couldn't check in to our apartment for a couple hours, so we sat down at a mediocre restaurant called Cafe Viviana. We just wanted to sit down and put down our bags. So we did but the food wasn't very well seasoned and it was just meh. I had the gnocchi in a gorgonzola sauce.

Honestly, when we arrived in Verona I felt like this is where we were supposed to be. It's still a city, but it just felt so much more manageable than Rome—and so beautiful! Even better, I LOVE the apartment we rented. Bianca said it felt like the apartment in Roman Holiday (ironically enough we just left Rome), but it had cool wooden ceilings and just felt so Italian but warm and comfortable. Bianca has a loft bedroom, and we have two bathrooms—thank goodness!

Verona is crowded but I love the old buildings and architecture. Lots of awesome doors too (see below)! We walked around a bit this afternoon, did a little shopping (tons of shopping here), a little napping, then ate dinner at a Pizzeria (Bella Napoli) that was recommended to use by the guys who rented us the apartment. The pizza was good—we weren't that hungry so we shared a couple pizzas (although the server thought we were crazy for sharing).

This is the drowning-in-tile picture (Bianca was actually on her knees as she tried to give Portia a piggyback ride).
Verona has a colosseum like Rome, but they still use theirs for concerts and such. I wish we could see an Italian opera here, but the operas don't start until next week. We stopped off for gelato on our way home (I had a white mint & chocolate tonight).

Door of the Day:

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